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 Welcome to Sharks Swimming
 Thursday, October 02 2014 @ 08:22 AM

Welcome to Shark's Swimming!

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Important Current Team Information

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    September 28 Officials Training Clinic
    USA (All Levels) - Glenbrook North High School
    October 11 Meet - FVAF Fall Kick-off
    *** Seniors Only! ***
    October 12 Officials Training Clinic
    YMCA (Level 1 & A.O.) - McGaw YMCA
    October 17-19 Meet - GA Oktoberfest
    *** USA Meet ***
    November 8 Officials Training Clinic
    YMCA (Level 1 & 2) - Leaning Tower YMCA

    We are launching a NEW way to do your swim meet sign-up this season. By clicking on this link LTY SHARKS MEET SIGN-UP FORM you will be directed to the new Google Doc format. This is an electronic format that must be filled out COMPLETELY in order to submit. The form will also automatically generate an e-mail that will be sent to you with all of the dates of meets that you have signed up for. This form is due TODAY from swimmers in ALL practice groups!

    A couple of considerations as you fill out your form:
    • If you are not 100% sure about attending a certain meet...please mark "Not Attending". You will still have the opportunity to sign up for the meet at "LAST CALL" like usual
    • Please be sure you have registered for AT LEAST 3 YMCA MEETS so that your swimmer is eligible for the District and State Championships!
    • Swimmers in AG-1, AG-2, Advanced, Pre-Senior, and Senior are expected to compete in at least 3 USA meets in addition to the required YMCA meets!
    • Meets that will be taking Pre-Registration can only be registered for at the YMCA membership desk. These meets are noted on the sign-up form.
    • You will only be able to submit your form after you have answered ALL QUESTIONS. The form will not allow you to submit it unless this is done.

    If you have questions about a specific meet...please contact Coach Bryan. If you are having technical difficulties with the form...please contact Magda Kapusta (

    The Swim Team Store will be on site for your swimmer to try on team swimsuits and put in your orders. Please mark your calendar for Monday, Oct. 14th if you'd like to take part in this.

    If you already know your swimmer's suit can order team suits from our custom team page via the link below:
    You can also order equipment and other Shark items on this page.

    We are going to put in an order for PERSONALIZED Sharks' team caps Friday (9/26). If you would like to order a set of caps for your swimmer(s) will need to do so at the membership desk NO LATER THAN NOON on Friday, Sept 26!

    The caps will be the "official" LTY purple team cap with your swimmer's name printed at the bottom. Caps will be $25 for a set of 2. You may order additional sets of caps if you like...but all orders must be in sets of 2!

    Orders will ONLY be taken at the YMCA Membership Desk!

    When you go to the Membership Desk to will need to tell them Session Code 14SPC...Program Code LTAQ14CAPS.

    Once you have placed your order at the membership desk...please e-mail Coach Bryan with the name you would like printed on the caps. Orders with no name designated will have the swimmers LAST name printed on the caps.

    Contact Coach Bryan with any additional questions.

    All swimmers in the AG-1, AG-2, Pre-Senior, Advanced, Elite, and Senior practice groups MUST register with USA-Swimming for the 2014-2015 season. Swimmers in all other practice groups MAY register, but are not required.

    Note that the fee has increased from $60 to $62 for 2015!

    If you are not currently registered for 2014, you'll need to do this before you can be entered into any of the USA meets on our schedule! Please return all forms and checks made out to "ILLINOIS SWIMMING" to Coach Bryan (DO NOT leave at the membership desk!).

    Two of the "YMCA" meets on our practice schedule are now available for registration at the membership desk. Please note that for these two meets...only those swimmers who have been registered at the YMCA membership desk will be entered into these meets!

    LATTOF 'Out-of-Shape" Meet (Sunday, Oct. 26 @ Lattof YMCA)...Session Code 14SPC...Program Code LTAQ14LATTOF

    LTY Sharks GENDER WARS Meet (Sunday, Nov. 23 @ Niles West HS)...Session Code 14SPC...Program Code LTAQ14GENDER

    Keep in mind that for all other will need to sign-up with the Google Doc on the link above in order for your swimmer(s) to be entered!

    Following our fall District meeting, there are several updates for you to consider and to know about for our Championship meets in March. Please take note of the following:
    • The Chicago DISTRICT Championships will be held on one day (Sunday, March 1) and will be changed to a Timed Final format. Girls will swim in the AM session and Boys in the PM session. Swimmers will be allowed to compete in up to 4 individual events, or 3 individual events plus relays--depending upon their age group.
    • The CLASSIC Championships will now be fully integrated into the DISTRICT Championship meet. That means that swimmers who have not achieved a District qualifying time will still be competing in the District Championships and in the same events as District-qualifying swimmers...but in the Classic "division". All individual events will be scored and awarded in the District & the Classic division. To better understand will be run and scored much like a High School "Varsity/JV" format.
    • Swimmers who have fewer than 4 District qualifying times will be allowed to compete in the Classic division of their other "non-qualified" events so that they will get to swim a minimum of 4 individual events at this combined Championship meet.
    • YMCA STATE will be held at Lake Central HS in St. John, IN (about the same distance from us as Rec-Plex). We have a block of rooms reserved for those that wish to stay overnight. If you know that your swimmer WILL QUALIFY for YMCA may want to book a room now just in below.
      Best Western Crossroads IN
      1905 Harder Ct.
      Schererville, IN
      Reservation under "LEANING TOWER"
      This is the LAST week that you can book a room in this block...any remaining rooms will be released after Sept. 20th!

    All Swim Meet fees have been input into our registration system and must be paid to register for the upcoming SC season.

    • Become a Meet Official!
      Becoming a meet official is an interesting and easy way to become more involved in the sport of swimming. Officials training classes occur throughout the year and the training is paid for by the team. Officials play an important role for the swimmers, providing the necessary guidance and direction that allows them to compete legally throughout their careers.

    ...searchable meet entry and result information can be found by linking to the Team Manager Online Entries and Results links on the left side of the website under Meet Info


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